In working together I will encourage you to find your own clear voice by connecting with your values, sorting out conflicts, and developing new skills. 

Most importantly, our work involves connecting to your own inner strength.

My clients describe me as an astute listener who provides them with a warm and grounded place in which to expand understanding and learn new and practical approaches. 

Therapeutic work we do together will often result in your improved ability to unstick stuck relationships, get unblocked and communicate more effectively, as well as to make meaningful decisions that fit for you.

Another important specialization in my work is helping people in addressing parenting concerns and issues that arise related to motherhood (or fatherhood). 

This includes support with parenting challenges, addressing issues left from one’s own upbringing, sorting out role concerns with one's partner and clarifying life balance decisions. 

I also work with individuals and couples around pre and postpartum emotional complications and loss


         Suzan Wolpow, Your Clear Voice Counseling and Consultation 

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