Clear Voice Communication Tips



  "Clear Voice" Communication TM  involves healthy yet respectful approaches to speaking up in one's personal and  professional life. 

Enhancing your clear voice is powerful and practical. 

With "Clear Voice" Communication you:

* Define your aim

* Deal with difficult people and situations

* Learn strategies to get your point made without  sacrificing relationships

* Enhance your confidence 

* Live more powerfully and effectively 

Take a C.A.B. to Effective Communication -- Tips!


Get Clear

* Get Clear on What You Want to Accomplish – expressing your intense immediate reaction may not help you move toward what you’re really after.  Sorting out what it is that matters to you helps you clarify communication goal.


* Utilize an Assertive Approach - communicate clearly about what matters, in a manner that is respectful both to yourself and to the other person(s).  


* Identify Your Own Barriers To Speaking Up – worries and beliefs about bad outcomes often prevent us from having the confidence to address things effectively.  Alternatively the immediate need to release tension can lead to action in which we've lost access to our “big picture” need. Working with these internal barriers allows us to speak more clearly.