Group and Workshop Descriptions

Finding Your “On-Ramp” to the Right (Job) Choice

It can be hard for women to perform the balancing act between family life and a career, but taking time off to have a child does not mean throwing away a career, or having to give up what matters to you either. Alternatively, transitioning from career to family can also mean walking a fine line between being successful and satisfying the needs of your growing household. This two-session workshop for women who have put their careers on hold to have and/ or raise a family and women trying to make changes in their current work/life balance will have an opportunity to create a personalized plan for making the “right” choice for you, find the direction within the workforce and consider tips on how to juggle major life responsibilities.  This workshop is limited to only 6 participants. See schedule>>

Finding Your “Clear Voice” : Personally Effective Communication & Negotiation

This small group workshop (limited to only 6 participants) provides information and strategies that enable participants to get their points across with increased clarity and satisfaction. Throughout the 3 consecutive weeks (meeting once/week), individuals receive individualized input and get the opportunity to apply the skills to their own particular circumstances, be it in one’s workplace, with family, in casual and/or formal situations.  There are chances to practice and get supportive feedback. This workshop is popular for its combination of both practical approaches and thoughtful considerations. See schedule>>

“40-Something” Moms Group

There are two monthly groups available (a daytime group and an evening group).

Each one is for women who are 40+, and are mothers of babies &/or young children. 
It is a supportive setting in which group members discuss issues that include: balancing the mother and partner roles with other life roles, the lingering effects of having worked very hard to have one's child-ren, addressing issues or decisions about how work fits or doesn't fit into one's life, sorting through co-parenting dilemmas with one's partner, limitations in extended family supports and longer term concerns, and whatever else participants see as meaningful.  The groups have a therapeutic focus and allow for sharing of experiences and useful resources, as well as upon considering of approaches and strategies that may be helpful. See schedule>>

“Keeping Perspective Under Pressure"

Stress about how to manage high-pressure expectations and people, as well as tensions in the workplace can often have a counterproductive and exhausting effect on our work experience and work life.  In this workshop we will identify key strategies for stopping the common counterproductive reaction of negative thinking.  In doing so, you may then refocus on what you want to accomplish and on dealing with pressure from others. This workshop will teach:
Approaches for keeping a clear head.
Ways to identify what your main focus needs to be.
Recognizing barriers that prevent you from moving forward.
See schedule>>

The "Balancing Act" - a workshop for families

Managing to function well at work and as a parent, or caretaker to an elderly family member, is challenging and often overwhelming.  You have to juggle your time and a wide variety of needs (i.e. work, caretaking, partnering, household responsibilities, etc.).  This can lead to a sense of never getting anything done in the way you'd like, and still ending up exhausted.  This workshop will provide a supportive setting and exercises designed to help you clarify priorities and make set yourself some concrete steps.  See schedule>>