Life Balance Issues and Work Decisions for Parents

The opportunities and dilemmas that having children creates are extremely powerful. The ever-present challenge for parents, is trying to make it all "fit". Deciding about work in particular, including what type or amount of work to do, or even whether to work at all is a source of particular stress. This is made worse by the frequent criticism one faces whatever choice is made. Additionally, juggling the wide variety of needs that often go with being a parent (including: care taking, partnering, work, in and out of the house, and most often neglected, self-care) is overwhelming.
Life Balance & Career Coaching for Parents

  • Clarify your priorities as you consider your values and interests
  • Consider and sort through your particular dilemmas
  • Address Work/Life balance issues
  • Research your options
  • Move forward

Life Balance & Career Choice Consultation to Couples

Individualized sessions for couples to clarify choices and make decisions about upcoming or potential role changes.