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Clear Voice Communication:

Learn healthy yet respectful approaches to speaking up effectively in one's professional and personal life. Enhancing one's clear voice is powerful and practical for both work and/or personal situations, or to simply help get beyond maddening day-to-day blockages in communication.

With "Clear Voice" Communication you:

  • Define your aim
  • Deal with difficult people and situations
  • Learn strategies that allow you to get your point made without sacrificing the relationship
  • Enhance confidence
  • Live more powerfully and effectively

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Tips for Effective Personal Communication (C.A.B.)

  • Get Clear on What You Want to Accomplish – expressing one’s irritation (or other immediate reaction) may or may not help you move toward what you’re really after. This often requires extra effort to figure out what it is that matters to you.
  • Utilize an Assertive Approach - communicate clearly about what matters, in a manner that is respectful both to yourself and to the other person(s).
  • Identify Your Own Barriers To Speaking Up – many of us get caught up in worrying about how we’ll be seen, to the extent that we then have trouble seeing what really matters to us. taxi clipart At other times, we may feel so determined to get relief that the “big picture” gets lost in our approach.

Take your own C.A.B. to more effective communication!


"Finding Your Clear Voice"- Personally Effective Communication – Learn and practice tools to assist you in expressing yourself clearly, both for big issues, and in day-to-day life. This two or three-session workshop on the use of effective communication for individual success, provides information and strategies that enable participants to get their points across with increased clarity and satisfaction. With family, friends and/or at we can often find ourselves stuck trying to please and/or take care of everyone else. When you want to take a stand, you may sometimes feel blocked by concerns about being pushy or having it all come out “wrong”. This workshop will provide support for both getting clear on and then effectively expressing ones’ needs, points, opinions, etc. in whatever roles that this comes up for you. The workshop is small and thus provides an excellent opportunity for input, practice and support. The cost is $125 and the workshop size is limited to a maximum of 6 participants, so sign up soon. See schedule>>

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