Adult Education Classes

"Who Cares What They Think?"
Getting Unstuck from the Expectations Game

(Offered through Cambridge Center for Adult Ed.)

The pressures to measure up to an endless set of expectations for living a successful life can be overwhelming. Expecting to find a mate, have a family, create a meaningful and successful career, have a robust social life, and keep fit, all within the right amount of time, make up the core of an endless stream of standards by which we feel measured and end up measuring ourselves, feeling inadequate and distressed. In this course, you will identify what pressures you feel compelled by and clarify how these fit in with your actual sense of priorities and values. You’ll work on defining your life goals by your own priorities, within your own time frame, learning strategies and build allies to combat the self-doubts that get in the way. Class meets1x wk on 2 consecutive weeks.

Assertiveness Training for Women
(Offered through Boston Center for Adult Ed.)

You don't have to be "pushy" to get what you want. You just have to be skillful at "civilized assertiveness." Achieve a sense of empowerment as you learn to establish your rights and responsibilities. Identify the characteristics of passive, aggressive, manipulative, and assertive behavior, and use the "protective skills" that block the aggressive and manipulative behavior of others. Develop communication skills to express yourself directly, ask for what you want, refuse what you don't want, handle criticism, avoid arguments, face uncomfortable situations, and maintain your self-respect along with your respect for others. Practice using new skills through role-playing and other interactive exercises. Class meets one Saturday all day, or 1x week daytime on 2 consecutive weeks.

Enhancing Your Self-Confidence
(Offered through Boston Center for Adult Ed.)

When you feel good about yourself, you create energy to make things happen. Self-criticism, fears, and difficulty expressing your needs can prevent you from living up to your full potential. This workshop identifies barriers to self-confidence and uncovers your strengths. Discover concrete strategies for seeing yourself differently. Discuss how to approach others with more confidence, and practice the techniques inside and outside of class. Class meets 1x wk on 2 consecutive weeks.

Career Explorations for Women
(Offered through Lexington Community Ed.)

Did you put your career on hold to raise your child? Are you now wondering when, if, and how to return to work? Part-time or full-time? New career or familiar career? This workshop will focus on these questions and dilemmas. You will learn how to research what direction is right for your situation, learn about work resources, and create a specific personal plan. Instructor is an experienced psychotherapist, parent and career coach specializing in critical life issues for mothers. Class meets1x wk on 2 consecutive weeks on a weekday morning.

Getting Clear and Being Heard
Effective Communication for Everyday and When It Counts!

(Offered through Lexington Community Ed and in other settings.)

Do you find yourself being seen as a pushover at home or at work?  Are you often misunderstood, unable to get your voice truly heard?  If so, this workshop will provide you with some clarity and helpful approaches to try.  We will discuss the typical barriers that arise, as well as ways in which this may result in a loss of confidence and interfere with what you want to accomplish.  You will learn to effective approaches for making your point, and develop tools that enhance your ability to express yourself effectively.  There will be opportunities to try out these approaches within the supportive class setting.  Class meets1x wk on 2 consecutive weeks on a weekday morning.