Career and Vocational Counseling

My approach to vocational assessment involves exploring past and present work experiences, as well as other relevant experiences to identify your individual strengths and interest areas and ultimately your "work values". From this you will develop your preferred job/ career criteria.

We then create a plan to pursue specific types of jobs, or to learn more about the realities and particulars entailed in different types of work and career.

The process is highly individualized and thus the amount of time needed varies depending on your particular needs and goals. Most frequently, it is useful to have at least 2 or 3 sessions to get a good start.

My approach emphasizes focusing upon and sorting out what matters most to you and how to proceed.

  • Clarify your priorities as you consider your values and interests
  • Consider and sort through your particular dilemmas
  • Address Work/Life balance issues
  • Research your options
  • Move forward